This website provides details of relevant local information about special educational needs and disabilities.

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Navigation buttons (picture tiles)

The main navigation buttons are situated on the homepage of the site. As you click on a heading, all the services within that sector will be displayed on the results page. From here you will have the option of filtering further.

You will also see an ‘Information and articles’ tab which provides more information.

Filters on search results

Once you have carried out your search you can refine it by applying filters which are found on the right hand side of the results page or beneath the list of results if you are using a tablet or mobile device.

The filters allow you to apply an age range, adjust the provider types and search by local town.

Helpful hints for using the Local Offer Searcher

These tips will help you make the most out of the filter options without losing useful search results.

​Do Don't​
Use single words, rather than a whole sentence. E.g. “autism” instead of “my child has autism”Don’t use too many search options. Try to use no more than two. E.g. keyword and location.
Use quotation marks around your search term if you would like them to appear together in your result.  E.g. “wheelchair basketball”Don’t use too specific, technical or medical words. E.g. “hearing impairment” instead of “Bilateral Sensorineural Deafness”
​Press Ctrl + F5 if you experience a problem with the search engine to refresh the page. E.g. if you receive the message "Something went wrong"

​Don't forget to tell us if you can't find what you're looking for!

Further guidance documents

Other pages

The website also has other pages where you can find generic information about SEN and disabilities in Northamptonshire. The glossary is an A – Z of terminology you may come across but don’t understand.

At the foot of every page on this site is a features bar which will link you to other relevant services hosted by Northamptonshire County Council.

Listen to this site or read it in another language

If you wish to listen to the page aloud or translate the pages into another language, use the Browsealoud button that appears on every page.

The Local Offer for those who are not online

Read the Local Offer's strategy for accessing information from the Local Offer for users who are not online.


We hope that you find using this site easy and informative, and you find what you are looking for. Please let us know what you think: