Universal Jobmatch

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You don’t need an account to start searching for a job, but if you do have one, you can do a lot more. All we need is your email address to register for an account.

Universal Jobmatch is available to all people looking for work whether they are claiming benefits or in work. There are plenty of benefits for opening an account on Universal Jobmatch.

- The service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can complete your job searching at a time that suits you.
- As soon as you create an account, Universal Jobmatch will automatically identify job matches based on the information in your profile.
- Universal Jobmatch can match you to companies based on your CV. Use the CV builder to ensure that you’re CV contains all the information needed for the system to make a match to a vacancy. Remember every job is different and requires different skills and knowledge. Carefully review each job description and make an adjustment to your CV before applying. You can create and save up to 5 CV’s, you may choose 1 CV to be public (searchable by employers) at any one time.
- You have the option to create and attach a cover letter with your CV when applying for a job online. A well prepared and presented cover letter alongside your CV will help you stand out from other applicants.
- Save and label job searches to help you keep a record of all your job search activity all in one place.
- Receive email alerts informing you of new jobs.
- Apply for jobs online and work more closely with your Job Centre Plus Work Coach to identify skills gaps.
- Search for Jobs in Europe or internationally.
- If you have any problems when using Universal Jobmatch you can log into your account and use the “Contact Us” facility.
Age range:
16 years - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • None (no Criteria For Eligibility)
Referral route:
  • Self Referral
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