Jogging Groups

Type of service:
Groups, Clubs And Activities
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Telephone number:
01604 366752
Mobile number:
07834 495 841
Service description:
Running, especially fun running, is very much a mixed activity and anyone who wants to run, can. Age or fitness isn't a barrier and with guidance, neither is health.
It's recognised as one of the best activities for managing your weight, but benefits also include stress reduction, better heart and lung function, reduced blood pressure, protection against some cancers and an aid to prevention of osteoporosis in some bones.
With Jog Northants everyone has the opportunity to get active and begin running for fun and fitness. We want you to enjoy getting fit, have fun and make new friends with us in a safe, friendly environment - regardless of your age, shape, size or ability.
Check the website for details of local groups.

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Age range:
16 years - 90 years
Opening hours:
Tuesday 20:00 - 21:00
Eligibility criteria:
  • None (no Criteria For Eligibility)
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