01 May 2015
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 This was originally posted on our old blog in May 2015.

New Local Offer team member

The month started with our new team member Leanne and her induction to the Local Offer. It always amazes me the power of the human brain, and explaining the intricacies of how we produce a Local Offer, putting together information into data bases and libraries – using social media to gain information and to share information – all the “must knows” which is a long list about working for a Local Authority, shows how we manage complicated information. Leanne has spent time with the Admin Team learning about the statutory assessment process, been on a case worker visit, met with the Early Help team, she has been on training to use the data base that children’s information is stored on, and has learnt to use the data base that the Local Offer runs on.

Inclusion Network meetings

We went to one of the Inclusion Network meetings that are held every six weeks for school staff; so that Leanne could meet some of the Senco’s and understand how the role in school supports the students and young people that we are all working to support. The Hospital Outreach Education team were there, who have just been nominated for a TES award, and achieved “outstanding” in their Ofsted results. We are very proud of them.

Our Autism Outreach team were also there and as Leanne’s dissertation was on Autism, she found this very interesting.

Local Offer Workstream

Leanne came along to a Local Offer Workstream meeting, where the partners that must be consulted for the Local Offer meet to discuss developments and plans for our Local Offer. The proposed lists were agreed and passed onto our IT dept for development and an idea of the costs. We want to indicate when something was last updated and use some of the really cool cartoon characters the Shooting Stars team developed. We have agreed with our NPFG that the notes from these meetings are published on the Local Offer for everyone to read. They can be found under the Get Involved section - right at the bottom of the page.


The Disabled Children's and Young People’s Strategy Board met to agree the revised strategy, with the large representative group discussing, in fine detail, the aims of the service :

  • to adopt creative and flexible approaches
  • to actively dismantle and challenge barriers
  • to offer a range of accessible provision to promote a culture of high expectations
  • to actively involve and listen to our young people and their families 
  • to work in partnership with parents and other agencies.

The EHC implementation Board also met this month, to review the transfer of statements to plans with the revised guidance of the Government.  

Summer SENDsation

Summer SENDsation logo 

Our most exciting activity this month is the event planning, co-produced with our Northamptonshire Parent Partnership Forum of a FUN Day that will provide activities from the Local Offer on September 13th 2015 from 12.00 to 4.00 at Northampton College. The Local Offer has invited the providers off the Local Offer, and so far we have booked, Circus Skills, inflatable obstacle course, pizza, ice cream, dog display, and sports opportunities. We have a Facebook group for it, so sign up to come and pass on the message.

Viewpoint questionnaire

Viewpoint logoViewpoint are developing a questionnaire for our young people about how they have found the Local Offer to use, this is something else that the legislation requires us to report – what our young people and families think of the Local Offer.


Local Offer representation

Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport logoThe Northamptonshire Federation of Disability Sport held its AGM and this is a natural place for the Local Offer to be represented. The Local Offer is such an ideal place for these groups to advertise their clubs and ethoses. I asked for the groups to let the Local Offer have some articles about the events and activities that they host, for the SNIX magazine, as these make interesting reading for the 1700 people who we post the SNIX to.

Final note

Finally, Leanne’s final part of her induction was at the Northamptonshire Safeguarding Children Board conference and as usual, the Local Offer proved a popular stand to talk to. We were also able to take along IT equipment so could search live, for people,  using the Wi-Fi at Kettering Conference Centre. Modern technology, like the human brain is amazing.

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