08 January 2016

The Local Offer is happy to be back after a joyful and restful Christmas, and wishes everyone a Happy New Year.

What's new on the Local Offer?

  • We have some changes and improved features on the Local Offer, including this new blog facility. Tell us what you think. We have had a blog for the last year, and I have copied over some of the blogs but it's much better to be on the Local Offer in one place.
  • We have added some information about recommended reading: called Book List and you can find it on the top black bar on the Local Offer.
  • If you have read something that you found really helpful, let us know and we can get it added.
  • We have upgraded our shortlist function, and you can share this by email, save it for later, or print it. It still saves to the equipment that you have created it on.
  • You can see when the information on the Local Offer was last updated. We have checked everything during the autumn of 2015 and we hope that all the information we publish is correct and up to date. Please tell us if something is wrong.
  • We have the facility to publish two web addresses and we plan to move the school's SEN policies to this, so that you don't have to look for it in the Information and Articles results. This may take some time, as there are a lot of schools.
  • We have added a sub filter to the education tile so that when you filter by education, you are then given the choice of primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and post 16's (as they're known) and schools that are out of county and then other training.
  • We put two new filter tiles to the searcher a little while ago, an Easy Read one which lists all our easy read documents, and "my adult life" which filters the information that may be suitable for young people thinking about their future. It's never too soon to make plans.
  • The Local Offer team have spent some time on producing a  "How to get the best out of the Local Offer" guide (PDF format 450KB), which is on the Help page, and this includes hints and tips such as using speech marks in the keyword search box if you want to look for a phrase.
  • The EHC survey (POET) has now finished and we will wait to hear from the organisers for a national and local opinion. Thank you for getting involved.

Viewpoint survey

We still have the Viewpoint survey on the Local Offer, which has been designed to ask young people about what they think to our Local Offer. Please complete it if you are a young person and have used the Local Offer. This is permanent.

Access Viewpoint survey

Spreading the word to Northampton Youth Council

Leanne and I met with the Northampton Youth Council just before Christmas to tell them about the Local Offer; they thought it looked good, they like the fact we use social media a lot and they promised to share this with their peers. We look forward to hearing back from them and you about what you think.

Upcoming event

Hope to see some of you at the Gamenation event tomorrow that IASS have organised.