Catch 22 - Northamptonshire Rapid Response Service

Type of service:
National Organisation
Satra House, Satra Technology Centre, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN16 9JH
Telephone number:
01536 414643
Mobile number:
07711 844131
Service description:
Edge of care service working intensively with families for a very short period of time during periods of acute stress to develop coping strategies that can be jointly implemented.

- Since October 2012, over 90% of the 140 children and their families who have been engaged with the service stayed with their family after the intervention and were not placed in Local Authority Care

- When the coping resources of a family may be depleted and parents are unable to continue to safely parent their child, there is a risk that children and young people will enter Northamptonshire County Council’s Looked After Children system – and remain there once the time of acute stress has passed.

- Working intensively with up to ten families at one time, this service provides an intensive intervention in the family’s own home and will be offered outside of normal office hours, matching identified needs of the family. - Support is provided for a maximum of 14 days per family, no less than one to five hours a day. Individual ‘pressure points’ within families are looked at, and the intervention aims to develop successful strategies to overcome them and to prevent the child or young person from entering the Looked After Children system.

Contact is made with the family on the day of referral (subject to capacity), within five hours of receipt and acceptance of the case. A daily summary of the intervention is recorded and a case summary is forwarded to family’s named social worker within 48 hours of case closure.

At the end of the intervention all young people and parents/carers are asked to complete a feedback form, and their observations are used to inform future practice.

Volunteers are actively encouraged to work with this service and others in Northamptonshire, as part of the area’s established volunteer scheme.

Referrals must be authorised by a service manager in social care. It is important to recognise that when a referral to the Rapid Response Service is accepted, a Child in Need (CIN) meeting is held within five days of the start of the intervention to agree future plans and interventions as required.

The Rapid Response Service is an edge of care intervention and should not be perceived as a universal service or below the social care threshold.

‘[the service has helped because] I have someone to speak to and trust. I got a lot of advice on things like behaviour and being able to share how I am feeling.’

‘[Catch22 has made a difference by providing] someone to speak to who listens to everyone.’

Catch22 is committed to multi-agency working.
Age range:
0 - 18 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • Edge Of Care
Referral route:
  • Authorisation From Social Care Service Manager
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