British Stammering Association

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National Organisation
15 Old Ford Road, British Stammering Association, London, E2 9PJ
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Helpline: 0845 603 2001 Or 020 8880 6590
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We also offer a helpline which you can contact on 0845 603 2001 during office hours if you'd like to chat to someone, or perhaps just need a bit of telephone practice before making a difficult call. The British Stammering Association is the place to turn to when you're looking for answers, or for support when talking is hard.

We have two specialist websites for parents of school-age children who stammer - and

BSA works to bring people together in a number of ways:

BSA has a very active Facebook Page and Group. Also this website is itself designed to encourage interaction: please do leave comments, and share pages through Facebook, Twitter etc.
We support numerous local self-help groups throughout the country.
We run local Open Days, to allow people who stammer to meet each other, learn about the full range of BSA services and have the chance to talk to a speech therapist. We also run a large-scale Conference every other year (or annually if resources permit). See our Events page.

The BSA website contains accurate, unbiased information about stammering, including BSA's leaflets which are produced with the help of our panel of specialist speech and language therapists. Go to 'Help and Information'.

The 'Speaking Out' section of our website has a wealth of articles and personal stories on what it's like to live with a stammer, or to have a child who stammers.

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0 - 99 years
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  • None (no Criteria For Eligibility)
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