Diabetes UK

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National Organisation
10 Parkway, Macleod House, London, NW1 7AA
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0345 123 2399
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Diabetes is the biggest health challenge facing the UK.

This serious condition is on the rise and more than one in 20 people have diabetes (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

Everything we do at Diabetes UK is intended to make a difference to the lives of people affected by diabetes – whether through our work in care, prevention, support, research, campaigning or fundraising.

Providing invaluable care and support
Actively researching for a better future

Better campaigns for better care
Encouraging early diagnosis

Supporting professionals
Unwavering commitment

Keeping Diabetes on the agenda across the UK
How the money works

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Age range:
0 - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • Diabetes
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  • Self Referral
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