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National Organisation
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01202 611 367
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DotComUnity c.i.c. is a Social Enterprise aimed at those in our society who, for whatever reason, face challenges in accessing and participating in everyday life.

The only way society has found of classifying this group is by using the term "disabled". It’s a term that many of us hate, but one we are stuck with for the time being.

So at the risk of upsetting you, the people who DotComUnity are looking to support are all disabled people including those with a learning or physical disability and anyone with long term conditions or in receipt of care and support services. Our site is for them and for the people around them, whether that’s family or friends, or anyone involved in their support.

Our aim is to become a really useful tool in the drive to meet new challenges, broaden horizons and ultimately to break down barriers when it comes to social inclusion and integration.

At it’s core is a simple, completely free, directory. It covers every area of life and will tell you who exists out there to support your or others needs.

We won’t say if the services we list are any good or not. That’s a decision for you to make, and having made it, you have now got the chance to tell everyone else what you think of the service provided.

Good ratings will reward service providers with gold stars, and the more gold stars someone gets, the higher up a search they go.

So by giving feedback on services you will ultimately help to drive up standards by telling the rest of the world what you think. Empowerment’s a wonderful thing. Go on. Make a difference!

There’s a load more to DotComUnity, and there’s a whole heap of things still under development which will be launched in the coming months. But there’s no point in just reading about DotComUnity.

Visit the website for more information.
Age range:
0 - 99 years
Eligibility criteria:
  • None (no Criteria For Eligibility)
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  • Contact Service Direct
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