Havelock Infant School

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Schools And Education Providers
Havelock Street, Havelock Infant School, Desborough, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN14 2LU
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01536 760486
Service description:
Havelock Infant School is a place where each individual is encouraged to shine and develop to their full potential and staff and pupils alike are proud to be a part of our school. We believe that everybody is unique and our role is to cherish that individuality, whilst working together as part of a learning community. We know that everybody can succeed through hard work and ‘staying power’ which is why learning warrior behaviours are so important to our philosophy – warriors stick at it when the going gets tough and ‘never, ever, ever give up’. We also believe that finding things tricky is an important part of learning – if we could all do everything easily we wouldn’t need to go to school! That’s when it’s even more important to show your warrior determination.

This is a school identified in the Accessibility Strategy 2015 to 2017 that has special adaptations for disabled pupils over and above what would be required under general planning and building regulations and will have as a minimum:
- Physical access to all areas of curriculum (this may not be 100% of the school building).
- Suitable parking and entrance to the school.
- A changing facility for pupils.
- A designated area for physiotherapy/treatment as required
- Specialist furniture e.g. variable height tables where appropriate and other physical aids
Age range:
4 years - 7 years
Additional information:
SENCO: Samantha Barrett
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  • School Admissions
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