Early Help Assessment (EHA) (formerly Caf)

Type of service:
Social Care Services
8-10 The Lakes, Northamptonshire County Council, John Dryden House, Northampton, NN4 7YD
Telephone number:
0300 126 1000
Service description:
The Early Help Assessment (EHA) has replaced the previous Common Assessment Framework (CAF).

The EHA is a simple way to help identify needs of children and families and make a plan to meet those needs. It is designed to be a shared tool which can be used by all agencies in Northamptonshire who are delivering early help. It is a standardised approach so that all children and families have the same experience of exploring their needs, strengths and challenges.

The EHA can be used to support children and young people between 0–19 years, including unborn babies and can also be used with consent up to the age of 24 where a young person has a learning difficulty or disability.

There are five main stages of an EHA process:

- Identifying need
- Assessing needs
- Planning to meet need
- Reviewing what's changed
- Closure
Age range:
0 - 25 years
Referral route:
  • Professional Referral
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