Moulton College - College Transport

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West Street, Moulton College, Moulton, Northampton, NN3 7RR
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01604 491131
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Service description:
Moulton College works in partnership with NCC to provide a comprehensive network of Coaches, Mini - buses and in assessed and agreed cases taxi’s. Whilst the College does not have a legal responsibility for transporting students to College. The service by its nature is operated for the benefit of the majority and is heavily subsidised by the College in order to make the service available.

A network of student bus routes is available for all Moulton locations, and public transport is also available.

This link provides a step by step guide to the transport process:

Financial Assistance:
The 16-19 Bursary Fund and 19+ Discretionary Learner Support Fund are managed by the College on behalf of the Government. They are open to both in county and out of county students. This requires the completion of the Colleges Financial Support Application Form and Transport Application form, forms are available via Registry Services.

For those students living outside of the county that do not wish to live on site in our residential facilities financial support information for transport is available from your Local Authority.

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Age range:
16 years - 25 years
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  • Contact Service Direct
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