Schools Transport - Looked After Children

Type of service:
John Dryden House, Social Services, Northampton, NN4 7YD
Telephone number:
0300 126 1000
Service description:
Looked after Children can be eligible in some cases for School transport - whether free, subsidised or by purchasing a bus pass.

There are different circumstances in which transport can be provided when:

If attending a specialist provision and the child requires transport, the Local Authorities are usually responsible for arranging and funding the transport. (This depends on individual circumstances and is decided case by case).

If attending a main stream school, responsibility usually falls to the Carer if the school is within 10 miles of Carer’s address, talk to your social worker if this is not feasible.

If attending an alternative provision, this would fall to the Carer or Social Worker unless the transport costs were included in the arrangements made with the alternative provider.

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Age range:
0 - 25 years
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