Race to the Top Frequently Asked Questions

​​Q. If my school is not successful, what alternative help and support is available?

A.  We will provide feedback and the opportunity to discuss how you might still develop your ideas with our School Improvement Managers.

Q. How will the LA monitor progress and outcomes?

A.  There will be a variety of ways, dependant on the nature of the projects and the measures identified by the school(s) and agreed with the LA as well as impact measures developed with the University of Northampton to assess the success of the Race to the Top Strategy over the next 3 years.

Q. What happens if Ofsted place a school(s) in a category during the project?  

A.  Northamptonshire County Council expects all schools to respond to any Ofsted recommendations arising out of an Inspection and we would follow our own processes to support and appropriately challenge the school.  If it is agreed that to continue with the project would undermine the progress required by Ofsted, then we will negotiate next steps dependant on individual circumstances.

Q. When will schools find out whether their bid has been successful?

A.  All successful bids were contacted directly on the 8th May 2015.

Other questions regarding Race to the Top can be directed to RTTT@northamptonshire.gov.uk