Primary school place offers

If your application was received before the closing date (5pm on 15 January 2016), you should have received a letter advising you of your child's allocated school place.

Northampton free schools

If you have applied directly to one, or both, of the two new Northampton free schools (Northampton International Academy or Wootton Park School), you may have received a separate offer. If so, please advise both the school and Northamptonshire County Council, in writing, of your decision as to which offer you will be accepting. You can email the council at

Contact details for the free schools can be found on their websites:

Late applications

Late applications will be processed within our additional rounds of allocations taking place in May, June and July 2016. For dates please refer to key dates and deadlines.

What happens next?

If you are happy with the offer received you do not need to do anything, we will assume you are accepting the place unless you advise otherwise.

If you have made alternative arrangements for your child's schooling please complete the slip at the bottom of your offer letter and return to the address provided.

What are my options if I am not happy with my child's allocation?

For a small number of families we regret that we have been unable to offer your child a place at your preferred school. Your offer letter will detail the reason for this.

You have 3 options:

How do I add my child's name to a waiting list?

You can add your child's name to a waiting list for any school you have been refused a place at. You must have applied for this school on your original application.

You can either:

Please do not call us - you will be asked to put your request in writing.

On all correspondence you must include your child's name and date of birth otherwise it will cause a delay in your request being processed.

For schools with foundation, voluntary aided or academy status your request will be forwarded to the school if they hold their own waiting lists.

What happens if a place becomes available at my preferred school?

Any places that become available at community or voluntary controlled schools after the first round of allocations (18 April) or places that still remain will be reallocated on a monthly basis within the additional rounds of allocation.

See key dates and deadlines

Dates of additional rounds of allocations

All those on the waiting list, those who have submitted late applications and those who have requested an appeal will be considered against the oversubscription criteria for the school.

Most foundation, voluntary aided and academy schools will also allocate any vacant places on these dates.

If you have been successful in gaining a place, you will be notified in writing. You do not need to contact us on these dates.

How long will my child's name stay on the waiting list?

Waiting lists for community and voluntary controlled schools are kept for one school term only. Names placed on a waiting list between April and September 2016 will be removed in December 2016 unless you contact us in writing (before 31 December 2016) to renew your request for the spring term.

Foundation, voluntary aided and academy schools hold their own waiting lists. You should check with the school directly for their waiting list policy.

To find out which schools have places available download the documents below:

How do I apply?

If you wish to be considered for a place at a school which still has places available, you should complete the late application online form.

See how to apply

Making changes to your application

If you have already received a school offer and choose to submit a further application, we will not contact you before processing the application. Any new school place will automatically be allocated and any original school place will be reallocated.

Should you wish to withdraw an unprocessed application prior to a reallocation round, please email to advise this, providing your child's full name, date of birth and details of the application you wish to withdraw.

How will these places be allocated?

Any available places will be reallocated on a monthly basis within the additional rounds of allocation taking place in April, May, June and July 2016.

Places are not allocated on a first come - first served basis.

If there are more requests than there are places available, these will be allocated using the schools' oversubscription admission criteria. Therefore there is no guarantee that a place will be allocated. You will not be able to decline your existing offer of a place on this basis.

When will I hear?

The allocation process can take several weeks, depending on how many applications are received.

There is no need to contact us after completing the form - we will contact you once a decision has been made.

​If you are still unhappy you can appeal for a school place at a school at which your child was not offered a place.

Why didn't I get the school place I applied for?

If the school(s) you applied for had more applications than places available, places will have been allocated according to the school's oversubscription criteria. Where it is not possible to offer a place for your child at a school, this is because other children have higher priority under the oversubscription criteria for the school.

For further details about applications to schools, you can refer to the ‘Reason Sheet’ enclosed in your offer letter, or contact the school directly.

Why have you offered me a school I didn't apply for? 

​If we were not able to offer a place at one of your preferred schools (as explained above) we will have offered a place at the nearest school to your home address that had places available at the end of the process.

We would advise you to consider carefully the school you are offered. It may be that, if you visit and find out more about the school, you would be content to accept a place at the school. However, if you are still unhappy with the school offered your options are explained below.

Can I refuse to take up the place? 

​At this stage we will not withdraw your offer of a school place. This is because it is the duty of the local authority to ensure that every child of school age has a school place. We may only remove the offer of a school place once you have secured appropriate education provision i.e. when you confirm with us that you have an offer of a place at another school (state or private). We recommend that you should hold this place and at the same time you may ask for your child’s name to go on to the waiting list and/or to appeal for any/all school (s) you had on your original preference form. You may also apply for a place at other schools.

I am separated from my partner so how do I find out which school has been allocated to my child?

We will only respond to the parent or carer who has completed the application form. Where parents are separated and have not shared information about the preference process, we will use the following procedure if we get a request for information from one of the parents:

  1. We will write to both parents to establish their rights to view the data.
  2. Once parental right has been confirmed, we will send a copy of the allocation letter to the requester.

There may be a charge for this service and please note:

  • We must receive payment before we begin investigations
  • We aim to deal with these requests within 31 days of receiving the request and payment.

To make a request for information if you are separated from your partner, please email: