Northampton School for Boys: admissions information

​Northampton School for Boys, Billing Road, Northampton NN1 5RT

Oversubscription criteria

Children with a statement of special educational need will be admitted to the school where the school – after consultation with the Local Authority – has been named on the statement as appropriate provision.

If oversubscribed, the following criteria will be used.

  1. Children in the care of Local Authority (Looked After Children) and previously looked after children.
  2. Aptitude – 10% of places are awarded to boys with a demonstrated particular aptitude for Music and/or Technology, approximately half in each specialism.
  3. The remaining 90% of places are allocated using a system of Norm Referenced Banding as described in the DfE guidance on banding. All applicants to the school will take the same common ability test. The test will be used to place ALL applicants into five equal sized ability bands. An equal number of applicants will be selected fairly from each band using, in order, the following criteria:
    1. Sibling Link – where an elder brother/sister will still be on roll at the school when the applicant is admitted in September.
    2. Fair allocation – the remaining places in each band will be allocated by an approved process overseen by an independent third party.

Note: The 10% aptitude places will be allocated before banding is applied, but those children will be included in the bands. The statemented children and children in care, or previously looked after children will also be included in the bands. These children will be allocated places from the bands first. Criterion 3a will then be applied, followed by criterion 3b. Selection by criterion 3b will be in line with the explanatory notes in Appendix C of the full admissions policy available from the school. The total number admitted from each band will be equal.

All students, including those applying for an aptitude place, who seek a place at the school under any of the above criteria must complete a Supplementary Information Form and submit it to the school by Saturday 31 October 2015, as well as submitting the Local Authority Application Form to the Local Authority by Saturday 31 October 2015.

Students who wish to have the opportunity of gaining a place under the Aptitude criterion must return their Aptitude Application (card issued following deadline for receipt of Consideration Forms) to the school by Monday 16 November 2015.
If this school receives more applications than there are places available, the policy of fair banding is applied.