Train travel

Northamptonshire has a good rail network, making the train an excellent way to travel to destinations all around the country. You can be in London or Birmingham in an hour and from these you can get to anywhere else in the UK.

Buying a ticket

If you are buying a one-off ticket, it is easiest to buy this at the station or online. Most stations now have automated ticket machines where you can pay by cash or card.

There are several ticket types:

  • Off-peak – travelling in the evening and at weekends is called off-peak and will often mean cheaper prices
  • Anytime – these are tickets without any restrictions. You can travel anytime, which is helpful if you think your plans are going to change. The ticket may be more expensive as a result
  • Advance – this is when you book a certain train at a defined time and date
  • Season ticket – if you travel to the same place every day (e.g. for work), you may wish to purchase a season ticket. This can be weekly or monthly and will be much cheaper than buying a ticket each day

Young Person’s Railcard

A Young Person’s Railcard can be used between the ages of 16-25. It costs £30 a year and you can then claim 1/3 off all your train fares. This is a good way to save money if you are travelling to and from university, long-distance or visiting friends.


Top tip: shop around if you’re travelling long distance by train. You may be able to save money by breaking the journey down into several smaller tickets.