Bullying and online safety

Online bullying (also know as cyber bullying) is when a person or a group of people use the internet , email, online games or any other kind of digital technology to threaten, tease, upset or humiliate you.

  • Posting abusive messages online
  • Bad mouthing and spreading rumours via text or social networks
  • Prank calling, prank texts and messages
  • Fake accounts set up in somebody else's name in order to upset or humiliate
  • Posting embarrassing videos or pictures of others online

If anything like this is happening to you, it's important to remember that you're not alone and there are people who can help. Don't suffer in silence - talk to an adult you trust.

Report online abuse

Who can I talk to?

It's really important to tell an adult that you trust (such as a parent or teacher) if you feel you can.

  • Childline -  free and confidential advice from counsellors 
  • CEOP - a national body can offer help and advice and case studies for young people
  • Service Six - based in Northamptonshire, they offer free counselling, support and help for young people
  • The Lowdown offer free advice and counselling about bullying and e-safety to young people across Northamptonshire
  • Time2Talk offer bullying advice and counselling to young people in Daventry and Towcester

Where can I find out more?

  • Northants Police - find out about your local police officers and how to contact them, plus advice on keeping safe
  • UK Safer Internet Centre - resources for young people
  • Thinkuknow - advice for young people
  • Fearless - the only charitable organisation in the UK that enables 11-16 year olds to report crime with 100% anonymity and offers rewards.

Your online reputation

Your online reputation is the impression that other people form about you from what they can find on the internet.

For more information about protecting yourself online, follow the link below.
Online reputation - stay webwise


Bullying can happen to anyone at any age. Being bullied at school, home or online might involve someone pushing you, hitting you, teasing you, talking about you or calling you names. Nobody has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad. If you are being bullied you don't have to deal with it alone.


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