Volunteering can be a hugely positive experience. As well as giving back to your community, you also get the chance to enhance existing skills, knowledge and experience as well as gain new ones. Employers often look for people who have given their time to help others as it shown you are keen to learn, and that you want to work.

As well as developing your skills and learning something new, enhancing your experience (which could lead to paid work in future), or supporting your studies you will also gain in so many other ways too:

  • using your skills to inspire others
  • meeting new people from different backgrounds, and developing friendships
  • supporting your local community and giving something back
  • improving your self-esteem and confidence
  • having fun and keeping active
  • having a positive impact on physical and mental health
  • contributing towards personal attainments, such as university modules or Duke of Edinburgh awards
  • being a member of a team

Volunteering can be formal – and you’ll find some places where you can get more information below – but also informal. Your local community centre, or a local charities or groups might be grateful of some help – just pop in and ask!

National Citizen Service

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 16 and 17 year olds in England and Wales which takes place during school holidays. It helps you build your skills for work and life while you take on new challenges and meet new friends – and is a great addition to your CV.

There is a small fee to take part but bursaries are available if you find this difficult.

NCS includes a residential trip, as well as working on a social action project with your team.   

Where can I volunteer in Northamptonshire?


Do you volunteer with children and young people?

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