Young role model of the year

Putting the spotlight on a young person who is a positive and inspiring role model for other young people is the aim of this award. Centurion Training Solutions Ltd are kindly sponsoring this award.

It could be someone who has overcome a personal barrier, enhanced their local community, performed an act of bravery, excelled in a volunteering role or pushed the boundaries in some way. Whatever they have done, large or small, it will have made a difference and inspired others.

This award is open for young people aged 11 to 22 years.

Thank you for your nominations

The deadline for submitting nominations has now passed. Thank to you everyone who has taken the time to put someone forward. The judging is now underway and the winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony on 29th June.

Last year's joint winners: Melissa Churchill and Samuel Turner

This year's winners-Melissa Churchill and Samuel Turner

Samuel, 11, has established an anti-bullying team at Sponne School after noticing that a couple of pupils were having difficulties. He identified safe places for pupils to spend their break-times and set up a helpline for them to call if they needed support. He is hoping to extend this project to other year groups at the school.

Melissa volunteers at Kingsthorpe Library and played a key role during last summer’s reading challenge. As a result, 256 children completed the summer challenge, reading 768 books between them. She also played a key role at a Frozen-themed event at the library, where she read to almost 200 children dressed as Anna.

2014 winner

  • Gabrielle Steele

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