16 December 2015
David Eric Laing DL MA RIBA

The Northamptonshire Lieutenancy is the link between the monarchy and the county of Northamptonshire. Not only does the lieutenancy represent and uphold the dignity of the Crown and arrange royal visits to the county but it also celebrates the achievements of the people of Northamptonshire and their service to others. It helps to promote  Northamptonshire communities, culture, services, heritage, business and charitable success while drawing attention to those addressing challenges and problems in the county. It also has a role in supporting the Armed Services and, in particular, the reserve forces and cadets.

It is led by the Lord Lieutenant, Mr David Laing (Her Majesty’s representative in the county) who is appointed on the advice of the Prime Minister. The role is non-political and unpaid. He is supported by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant, Sir Peter Ellwood, and a team of Deputy Lieutenants, appointed for their work in the county and across a number of different fields.

Administrative support is provided by the Clerks to the Lieutenancy. In Northamptonshire, as in many counties this role has for many years been carried out by the Chief Executive of Northamptonshire County Council. The current Clerk is Dr Paul Blantern. Much of the detailed work associated with the Lieutenancy is undertaken by the Deputy Clerk, Mrs Linda Weller. Contact details for the Lieutenancy are:

Lieutenancy Office
County Hall
Email: LWeller@northamptonshire.gov.uk

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