Get Reading: 20 Million Words

​Get Reading took place between 4-12 June 2016 to get the whole of Northamptonshire reading and sharing words.

Our target was that Northamptonshire would read and share 20 million words!

Congratulations! What an amazing result, just think what we can achieve next year. Thank you for your contribution... until then, keep reading!

Final total: 45,279,891

Log your reading

Fill out the online form below to log your reading:

Log your reading

Further information

  • ​Under 5 – 500 words (Baby board book enter 1 for every 2 read)
  • 5-10yrs – 4,000 words
  • 11-17yrs – 60,000 words
  • 18+ - 90,000 words 
  • Other – 3,000 (Comic enter 1 for every 10 read, Sunday Newspaper including supplements enter 2)

​We admit to some internet searching!  It’s not an exact science but we hope you’ll allow us some ‘creative averaging’ for the purposes of this challenge.

​Please enter the category with your estimate of the closest average number of words.

​Yes, you don’t have to log a name.

Click the age range which represents the person you’re inputting for rather than your age range.

​Yes, the data team will input the numbers based on attendees for a Storystomp.  As there is evidence that sharing rhymes and songs help children to learn to read we can include our Rhymetimes – we’ll use an average of 2,000 words and multiply it by the number of children attending

​If it’s a mixed age group, enter each form individually.  If everyone’s the same age then do one form and enter the number of people for the number of books.

​The online form will be kept open until the end of June 2016.

​Please see a staff member at your local library or call 0300 126 1000 and ask for your local library.

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