Get Connected

Get Connected is a campaign aimed at helping people feel more connected in their local communities.

Get Connected Week takes place every year and sees local organisations work together to promote the ways in which people can get connected in their local communities and beyond.

It's a chance for people to find out about all the activities and opportunities already available for them to access where they can have fun, meet new people and just get out and about more.

The aim of the week is to try to make sure that nobody's health and wellbeing suffers due to being lonely or feeling isolated. It's part of our plan to be a happier and healthier county by the year 2020.

Ron's story

There are many different factors that can make people feel lonely and or isolated. Ron tells his story of overcoming the feeling of loneliness and isolation after losing his wife:

Deb's story

Deb is an inspirational lady! Here she shares her story of loneliness and isolation and how she over came many difficulties but now feels much happier.

Beata's story

Beata has kindly shared her story of feeling lonely and isolated as part of our ‪#‎getconnected week. The good news is that she now feels connected, has friends and is settled.