15 September 2015

​Watching my very active toddler rushing around everywhere on his little legs made me wonder how many steps he notches up in a day. We all know adults are supposed to walk 10,000 steps a day, and this weekend Northamptonshire is collectively being asked to deliver 20 million steps. This sounds huge but when I look at Harrison running everywhere I can’t help but think he’ll easily make a huge dent in that figure just by whizzing around as usual.

A quick Google search tells me that if the average toddler is active for half a day they will clock up 2.6 miles, and with their little legs that is a massive 14,209 steps (an average of 5465 toddler steps per mile). His daily step count puts mine to shame.

One of Harrison’s favourite things to do is running, not always in appropriate places, but I am really pleased he is a lively, active toddler. I want to do everything I can to ensure that he grows up into an active adult. That’s not to say I’ll be banning him from playing computer games or watching TV, but I want to encourage a balance.  

This weekend we will be heading out to a country park so Harrison can run around one of the walking tracks. He’ll no doubt add some extra steps by backtracking to look at interesting sticks, or to follow a cute looking dog.

I have my suspicions that Harrison is probably above average in terms of activity (don’t all mums think their child is above average at something!) but I’ll be tucking one of the park's free pedometers in his pocket so I can see just how active he really is.

As a family we’ll be taking part in the 20 Million Steps weekend whatever the weather, personally I am hoping for sunshine, but if it does rain you’ll find Harrison having the time of his life jumping in puddles! Why not join us?

Caren Osborne

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