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29/03/2021 13:34
Lucy Wightman, Director of public health Northamptonshire letter to appeal to parents to be careful during the Easter holidays
29/03/2021 08:35
Today, the second part of step one of the Government’s four step plan to emerge from lockdown begins.
26/03/2021 16:25
Public Health officials implore residents to ‘apply common sense’ when restrictions are eased as Northamptonshire’s COVID-19 cases show a slight increase for the second consecutive week.
26/03/2021 16:13
Since testing for COVID-19 first became available in Northamptonshire in May last year, the range and volume of testing sites has increased significantly.
24/03/2021 15:04
Children’s services in Northamptonshire are continuing to improve despite the recent challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic