Be active

Go for a walk, run, cycle, garden, dance - find something you enjoy.

How you can be active

  • Northamptonshire Sport
    There are nearly 8,000 hours of sports coaching in schools provided by Northamptonshire Sport. They also support local sports clubs to get started, recruit volunteers, or find funding.

  • Country parks and Outdoor learning
    There are six country parks and two outdoor learning centres around the county open to the public providing miles of trails and all sorts of family activities.

  • Walking and cycling
    Get outside and explore our 3,100 kilometres of public footpaths, bridleways, and byways all across the county, or get into cycling with our Cycle CoNNect scheme and miles of cycle routes.

  • Adult learning
    Book an active adult learning course - there are plenty to choose from, including exercise, fitness and sport.

  • Leisure centres
    Join one of the leisure centres run by your district or borough council.