Connect with people around you, family, friends, colleagues, neighbours. At home, work, school or in your local community.

How you can connect

People should have easy access to information and a choice of ways to help themselves.

  • Councillors and consultations
    Northamptonshire councillors connect policy decisions to their constituencies. Vote, speak to your local councillor, and take part in our consultations to have your say.

  • Superfast broadband
    Our target for ‘Superfast Northamptonshire’ is to see superfast broadband internet available countywide by the end of 2017 so everyone can benefit from a fast and reliable internet connection. Our alliance with BT is playing a major part towards achieving this.

  • Community websites
    We're helping communities get connected by teaching them to set up their own community website. Find yours on the community website map.

  • Roads and highways
    We're constantly maintaining and improving our highway network. The new A43 Corby Link Road boosts the economy in the north of the county by improving the connection to the A14, and improve road safety by diverting traffic from residential areas.

  • Planning
    Planning and development guidelines used by Northamptonshire councils prioritise good infrastructure links to help keep us connected to the rest of the country, and to provide social spaces in our towns like open green space or public buildings like our libraries.