Reading Well: books on prescription

​Reading Well Books on Prescription help you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing using self-help reading. It is endorsed by health professionals and supported by Northamptonshire libraries.

Books can be recommended by GPs or other health professionals from the relevant Reading Well Books on Prescription reading list and can be borrowed for free from your local library. If the title is not available in your local library you can request it from another Northamptonshire Library for free. 

Which books are available under this scheme?

There are two sets of books available:

How does a health professional prescribe a book?

It’s really simple to “prescribe” a book for your patients. Download one of the following leaflets from the books on prescription website to give to your patient:


On the leaflet you can tick the book you want to prescribe. 

How does a user get a book which has been prescribed?

To borrow a prescribed book:


  • visit your local library with the user leaflet which your health professional gave you and borrow the recommended book.
    • If you’re not a library member, ask a member of staff to join you to the library. This is free and you don’t need any identification documents.
    • If the book you need is not available in your local library you can request it to be delivered from another library for free. Just speak to a member of staff to arrange this.

Your book may also be available as an e-book. You will need to be a library member to borrow an e-book. To browse the collection, and download a title, visit our e-books webpage.