Parenting and families

Libraries deliver Universal Childrens' Centre Services offering fun sessions such as rhyme times and messy play that stimulate development and encourage school readiness. Promotions such as the Summer Reading Challenge encourage reader development during school holidays, while offering extra events for the whole family.​

Drug, alcohol and substance abuse


​Supporting families affected by drugs and alcohol.

Community for Recovery

​Supporting anyone whose life is affected by volatile substance abuse.

Family Lives

​Listening, supportive and non-judgemental help and advice,

Talk to Frank

​Includes support through live chat and helpline.

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Legal highs

British Association of Social Workers

​Parent handbook for talking to your child about legal highs and club drugs.

Talk to Frank

Includes support through live chat and helpline.

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Mental health and wellbeing


​Northamptonshire mental health gateway.

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

​Includes advice on depression.


​Information and support on mental health problems including depression.

OPAL Project

Resources for everyone affected by self-harm.

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Eating disorders


​Guidance for friends and family of someone with an eating disorder.

NHS Choices

​Advice for parents on eating disorders.

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Your child's welfare

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Keeping Safe

Internet safety

​Websites containing advice for parents and carers on internet safety.

Keep Safe Card

​Scheme for anyone in Northamptonshire with a learning disability.


​Advice on keeping your child safe.

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Advice for parents on bullying and cyber bullying.


Advice for parents on bullying.

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Relationships and sex


​Advice for parents on talking to teenagers about sex, relationships and how to stay safe.

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