Northampton North-West Relief Road

​The Northampton North-West Relief Road will link the A428 Harlestone Road with the A5199 Welford Road and serve the housing growth that is proposed to the west and north of Northampton. It will also help address existing congestion, particularly in Kingsthorpe, by providing another crossing of the river valley. 

Description of scheme

The scheme was initially developed in the early 1990s. The proposals were reviewed through a feasibility study produced as part of the evidence base for the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy. The study demonstrated that there are no major constraints to creating a road connecting the A428 Harlestone Road to the A5199 Welford Road.

You can download the feasibility study below:

Benefits of the scheme

The Northampton North-West Relief Road will reduce congestion in the north-west of Northampton, particularly relieving congestion in and around Kingsthorpe Shopping Centre, by providing a new crossing of the river valley.

The new road will also improve access to the motorway and other strategic roads from industry at Moulton Park, Round Spinney and Lodge Farm Industrial Estates.

Public consultation

The first phase of the road east of the A428 is expected to be delivered as part of the Dallington Grange development. The county council will deliver the second phase crossing the railway and linking to the A5199. Consultation on the proposals will be undertaken as the scheme progresses.

Scheme cost and how it will be funded

An estimated cost of the scheme will be developed as work progresses. 

Possible timeline of key events

Further information on likely timescales should be available in 2016.

Further information

This page will be updated as the scheme progresses.