Highway wardens

Highway Wardens are the eyes and ears on the road network within their local area and a key point of contact between the community and Northamptonshire Highways.

What does a Highway Warden do?

A Highway Warden:

  • provides valuable information which assists in maintaining the highway network
  • ensures the views and requirements of the local community are represented

A Highway Warden is a volunteer who is supported by their parish or town council or residents group and Northamptonshire Highways.

Who can be a Highway Warden?

Anyone can take on this role. You could be a councillor, clerk or a member of the public who reports into a residents group.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in volunteering as a Highway Warden, contact your parish or town council or local residents group to register your interest.

The appointment will need to be agreed by the respective group.

Following agreement, Northamptonshire Highways will contact you to arrange induction training.

For additional information please see the documents below.

Should you have any further enquiries regarding the Highway Warden scheme, please email Highwaywardens@kierwsp.co.uk