Grit bins

Grit bins are provided for the public to help keep the roads and pavements clear; the salt is not intended for use on private drives and paths.

Can we request a grit bin?

A grit bin can be requested using Street Doctor.

Requests for provision of a grit bin are assessed each year between May and October and the location judged against the following criteria:

  • must be on the public highway
  • at sharp or difficult bends
  • junctions where the side road approach has a gradient
  • on particularly steep gradients elsewhere (of 10% or greater)
  • proximity of existing bins
  • community facilities
  • only access road to a community
  • at known problem sites
  • not on roads which are included in the precautionary treatment network

If a location does not meet the criteria the local town council, parish council, borough or district council may decide to install their own private grit bin, all subject to approval from Northamptonshire Highways.

How do we get our grit bin restocked?

The bins are all inspected and filled at the beginning of the winter period. They are restocked with grit when needed depending upon there usage and the severity of the weather.

If you require your grit bin to be restocked please report it using Street Doctor.

Can a grit bin be removed?

Grit bins often become the focus of vandalism or a meeting place for youths. If this becomes an unbearable nuisance, a request for the bin to be removed can be made.

The agreement of other residents in the area, and often the local council, would be needed before the facility is withdrawn.

Damaged grit bins

If a grit bin is damaged, before being replaced the location will be assessed against the criteria above.  If the site does not meet the criteria then the grit bin may not be replaced.

How many grit bins are in the county?

There are currently in excess of 2071 grit bins throughout the county. The bins are in areas not normally subject to precautionary treatment, at hilly, exposed locations and potentially dangerous road junctions. You can use our interactive mapping to view the area around a specific location in order to find the locations of grit bins​